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Training & Access

The Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry provides training to those who are new to the SCIF facilities and equipment.  Please follow the steps below to gain access and training to SCIF equipment.

1. Complete the SCIF New User Application

2. Return the application to David Gravano ( or (209) 228-4039) or Miguel Manansala ( or (209) 228-4508)

3. Read SCIF Policies and Procedures on our website

4. View the presentation and take the self-assessment test for the SCIF service you are interested in:

For Cleanroom Use:

For Microscopy Use:

For Flow Cytometry and Sorting Use:

For Cell Culture Use:

5. Inquire about required hands-on training by filling out a training request form or contacting David Gravano ( or (209) 228-4039)  or Miguel Manansala ( or (209) 228-4508).

  • The rates for training are as follows:
  • $35/hour for the first four hours for training on any equipment
  • After the first four hours, the hourly rate will be based off of the operator assisted rate on the equipment you are seeking to be trained on.  During this time, you will need to bring a sample/experiment so that the lab technician can work with you.
  • Note: These trainings are limited to a maximum of two students for Flow Cytometry training and only one student for Microscopy training.