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Policies and SOPs

For policies and procedures specific to individual SCIF modules, please click on the appropriate link below:

Cell Culture Policy

Flow Cytometry/Sorting Policy

Microscopy Policy

Cleanroom Policy

SCIF After Hours and Weekend Work Assist Form


Below are general policies and procedures:

An individual user may reserve one three-hour block of time during peak hours (8:30am to 5:30pm) and an additional 6 hours of time during off-peak hours. Scheduling can be accomplished using our online calendar system. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance and any unused time will be billed for one hour at 75% the standard rate for peak-usage times, or at 25% the standard rate for off-peak times. All users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the complete list of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) governing the use of the facility. Faculty investigators, research fellows or others who wish to start using the facility must contact the SCIF director for discussion of their experiments, help with study design and assistance with the procedures and product descriptions of reagents they will need to order. The project will then be assigned to the technicians. The SCIF director remains actively involved in the more complex projects and oversees the technical quality of all work produced by the laboratory. After the initial discussion with the SCIF director, experiments can be scheduled through the technicians.  The principal investigators are charged for all time and/or work performed in SCIF.


SCIF user policy for after hours (Monday to Friday after 5pm to 9am) hours and weekend use.

The SCIF regular operating hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. If any of the users (regardless whether or not they are SCIF certified independent or dependent users) need Operator Assist (O.A.) on weekdays after 5pm or on a weekend, he/she needs to fill out an ‘After Hour Assist Form’ (SCIF website) 3 days ahead of scheduling their work and be approved by SCIF Director Dr. Anand Gadre. In addition, all users should provide reasoning as to why he/she does not want to work during regular business hours and specifically proposing to work after hours or weekends with evidence of their Supervisor’s/advisor’s written approval for them to work after hours or on a weekend. If a regular hour session needs to extend after 5pm, all SCIF certified users need to notify and get an approval from Miguel Manansala or David Gravano before making a decision on extending their work for after hours (unless there is an emergency or last minute mechanical problem with the SCIF equipment). Unapproved after hour and weekend operations for SCIF non certified or SCIF certified independent users will be terminated at 5pm from Monday through Friday (unless they have proper approvals) and the users will be solely responsible for the consequences for not following or agreeing to the above mentioned SCIF policy. The recharge rate for the after hour and weekend usage is the same as regular hour usage. It is NOT mandatory to have a buddy accompanying you (the user) while working in SCIF after hours and/or weekends. However, SCIF highly recommends users to find a buddy who can accompany you (the user) during after hours and/or weekend operations in SCIF for safety purposes.