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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

The SCIF is able to assist in design of flow cytometry and FACS experiments.  Users can have their samples run with operator assistance, or can run their samples independently with the proper training. We also recommend using FluoroFinder for flow cytometry panel design. Please click here to visit our UC Merced-specific FluoroFinder page. Below are the SCIF instruments and their specifications:

BD LSR II - Flow cytometer


BD FACS Aria III - Flow cytometer/Cell Sorter with Aerosol Management

  • 4 laser system: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 633nm
  • 561 laser allows maximal detection of dsRed and mCherry
  • Aerosol Management System is required for BSL-2 applications (eg. human cells, infectious agents)
  • Instrument configuration and fluorochrome guide

BD FACS Aria II - Flow cytometer/Cell Sorter



Flow Cytometry Analysis

We have a workstation running FlowJo V10 located in SE153. We also have a license to utilize, which provides a portal to use the high-dimensional analysis tools viSNE, CITRUS, and SPADE.The workstation is designed to be used for post-acquision analysis. It is free of use, saving you the expense of purchasing your own flow analysis software.