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The following resources are available in SE1 379:

The SCIF has microscopy resources available for imaging. Some of the techniques include fluorescence, brightfield, widefield and confocal imaging. Proper training is available for the instruments and hardware. Listed below is information on the imaging instruments and hardware.

Nikon Eclipse Ti C1 Confocal System

  • Confocal system:
  • 3 laser system (408nm, 488nm, and 561nm)
  • 3 detectors (480/25, 515/30, 605/75)
  • Widefield system:
  • Lambda XL UV lamp for epifluroescence
  • DAPI, FITC, TRITC and Cy5
  • EZ-C1 and Nikon NIS Elements software

Lenses available on the Ti microscope:

Class Magnification NA Feature
Plan Fluor 4x 0.2  
Plan Fluor 10x 0.3 Phase Contrast
Plan Fluor 20x 0.45  
Plan Fluor 40x 0.6  
Plan Apo 60x 1.4  


  • 3D confocal fluorescence imaging
  • brightfield and phase contrast
  • time lapse and live cell imaging
  • widefield epifluorescence


NT-MDT NEXT Atomic Force Microscope

This instrument allows for extremely high resolution imaging. 

  • Contact, semi-contact and non-contact AFM
  • Nova PX software


Nikon Eclipse TS-100 Inverted Fluorescent Microscope

This sytem is ideal for visualizing cells in culture

  • 2 fluorescent channels



Pathology Devices Live Cell Stage Top Incubation System

This device allows stage top control over temperature, CO2, humidity, and O2 levels.

  • This allows for timelapse imaging of your cells under highly controlled conditions