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Cleanroom and Microfabrication

The SCIF cleanroom provides state-of-the-art resources for microfabrication.  Here is a list of the equipment available. Please contact us for more detailed information and instrument specifications:


Bruker Dektak XT Profilometer

**This instrument is located in SE1 379**

This instrument measures surface profiles using a stylus that can detect changes in profile down to a few angstroms.

Manufacturer's Website



FIB 800x Ion Beam Microscope Technical Sales Solutions TSS-348        

This tool will be used to deposit material via ion beam induced deposition.

This tool will also be used to "etch" specific patterns onto the wafer per the masking design


Mask Aligner

This tool will transfer microscale patterns for lithography applications.

Solvent Rinse Station     Custom Built              

This is a clean workstation (with exhaust) used to process wafers with solvent materials.

Wire Bonder     AVIO     TCW-115A-C   

This tool will be used to attach the conductors to the lab on a chip. This would be necessary when exciting the cells with a form of electricity.

Drying Oven     Blue M      1004-8C-MP3           

This unit will be used to "soft bake" the wafer after the photo resist is applied.

The temperature will be determined by the materials used for the specific research application.

UV Developer     OAI     LS-100-3 (350w)       

This tool will develop a pattern using a UV exposure on the substrate dictated by the mask that is used for the specific research. This is a small single wafer unit.

Electrospinning Station                

The electrospinning station will utilze electrospinning equipment. Electrospinning uses an electrical charge to draw very fine (typically on the micro or nano scale) fibers from a liquid.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)               

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a thin film deposition technique that is based on the sequential use of a gas phase chemical process. 

Particle Counter     Lighthouse                 

This tool is used to monitor particulate count in the Class 100 and Class 1000 clean rooms.

DI Water System     Barnstead

This is a small unit that produces high grade DI water.