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About SCIF


The Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry (SCIF) at the University of California, Merced (UCM), is funded with more than $4.35 million dollars by the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). UC Merced has established the SCIF that will fabricate customized nanoscale devices to allow researchers from all over California to analyze single cells as they seek information about how stem cells function in situations in health and disease. It comprises 4260 square feet of research laboratory with resources for human and mouse stem cell culture, flow cytometry, quantitative cell imaging, as well as includes Class 1000 and 100 clean rooms for micro/nano fabrication. SCIF represents a joint effort of the Schools of Natural Sciences and Engineering at UC Merced to create an open and versatile research environment in the rapidly growing area of stem-cell research. SCIF space is provided to researchers to conduct their own research, fostering collaborations and interactions between researchers and laboratories around UC Merced. The facility will support current research needs of UC Merced faculty, growing to a full-featured facility supporting research needs of other nonprofit researchers.


Purpose of SCIF:

  • To provide an open access to modern and versatile equipment for stem cell research, lab-on-a-chip, microfulidics and nanoscale fabrication and characterization of materials and particles for all users from UC Merced as well as researchers from all over California.
  • To offer cost-efficient technical service for the equipment.
  • To provide scientific support for new users.
  • To provide the corresponding education/training in various aspects of stem cell research as well as in nano-science and characterization of different type of materials and particles.